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2301Ashkenazi Jews  

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  • Jews of eastern and central Europe, mostly speakers of Yiddish, a German-based language. One of the Ashkenazi's origins is, according to many, the region of the Rhine valley, where a distinct Jewish etho-culrtural group was formed during the Middle Ages, which dispersed towards the east after the massacres and persecutions during the Crusades. The Ashkenazi were often the victims of persecutions, which contributed to migratory flows to western Europe and, later, to America, mostly the USA, while the rise of Zionism led to migration to Palestine. The Ashkenazi were the main victims of the Shoah perpetrated by the Nazis. Most European communities were decimated and the centre of Ashkenazi life shifted to America and the state of Israel.


  • Cole 2011


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Tzedopoulos Giorgos (AA)


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