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2529Natural sciences  

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  • Science

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  • Sciences that study nature, including the living natural world, and more specifically the broad disciplines of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and geology. This categorisation is based on the systematisation and specialisation of scientific knowledge that took place in the 19th century and relates to the institutionalisation and professionalisation of science, and more specifically of natural sciences. Contemporary categorisations, taking into consideration further specialisations and changes in the scientific practice of the 20th and 21st centuries, also in relation to social changes, as well as the increasing interdisciplinarity, are differentiated regarding the names, the content and the boundaries of scientific disciplines, as well as their sharp demarcation from social sciences, humanities, medicine or technology. Characteristic examples of modern multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary sciences are biological or life sciences, biomedical sciences, earth science and environmental sciences.


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  • Mergoupi-Savaidou Eirini (AA)


  • 2529

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