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Collectivities and groups > Collective authorities (ancient Greece) > Sitophylakes (Collective authorities)

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2067Sitophylakes (Collective authorities)  

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  • Magistrates in ancient Athens, originally ten in number but later in the 4th c. BCE, twenty in the city and fifteen in Piraeus. Sitophylakes registered all imports of corn and superintended the sale of flour, corn and bread to see that they were sold by lawful measure. It seems that they could also impose fines up to a specific limit and bring suits just like other market officials.


  • Arnaoutoglou 1998
  • Lanni 2016
  • Σακελλαρίου 2004


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Iakovidou Athena (AA)


  • 2067

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