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2004Creative and performing artists  

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  • Creative and performing artists communicate ideas, impressions and facts in a wide range of media to achieve particular effects; interpret a composition such as a musical score or a script to perform or direct the performance; and host the presentation of such performance and other media events.
    Tasks performed usually include: conceiving and creating visual art forms; conceiving and writing original music; devising, directing, rehearsing and performing in music, dance, theatrical and film productions; assuming creative, financial and organizational responsibilities in the production of television programmes, films, and stage presentations; studying script, play or book and preparing and rehearsing interpretation; selecting and introducing music, videos and other entertainment material for broadcast and making commercial and public service announcements.


  • ESCO 2018


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Goulis Helen (AA)


  • 2004

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