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Offices > Political offices > Archon epomymos (city-state period)

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1953Archon epomymos (city-state period)  

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  • An office that first appears in ancient Athens. One of the nine archons, mainly responsible for the protection of citizens' property from arbitrary actions. Ιn cases involving property inheritance, the archon protected the family and in particular orphans and heiresses. Also, he regulated certain religious festivals (such as the City Dionysia), the appointment of choregoi for drama contests, etc. The eponymous archon gave his name to the year of his term and referred to the prescripts of the decrees for archiving purposes.


  • Gomme 1970d
  • Gomme & Rhodes 2016


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Chrysovitsanos Gerasimos (AA)


  • 1953


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