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Natural disasters > Epidemics > Smallpox epidemics

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1841Smallpox epidemics  

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  • Violent outbreaks of smallpox, an infectious disease that affects the cells and the mucosa of the skin, the mouth and the pharynx, and causes skin pimples and pustules. Smallpox has been responsible for millions of deaths, mostly of children, in human history. Smallpox epidemics were often caused by the exposure to the virus of populations that had no former contact with it, as well as by the poor health conditions of the working classes of Europe and America. After having replaced the plague as the main infectious disease in the 18th century, and after its serious impact on the world population, smallpox was efffectively fought off through vaccination in the late 20th century. Today it is considered as eradicated.


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  • 1841

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