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Propositional objects > Probouleumata (Epigraphy)

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1828Probouleumata (Epigraphy)  

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  • Type of draft resolution that was issued during the decision-making process by the Council of ancient Athens. The probouleuma was the recording of a proposal for a matter made by a citizen or by the Council before publishing the resolution. A prerequisite for issuing the resolution was the ratification of the subject by the Assembly following discussion. The probouleuma was valid for as long as the Council which proposed it was in office, while it was unlawful for the Assembly to approve a resolution of a previous Council.


  • Osborne & Rhodes 2017
  • Γρηγοριάδου 2007


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Chrysovitsanos Gerasimos (AA)


  • 1828


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