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2458Evolutionary biology  



  • Discipline of biology (and ecology) that is devoted to understanding the origin and maintenance of biological diversity. It is directly concerned with evolutionary processes leading to the origin of new species, and with descent from shared ancestors. It also studies the characteristics, behaviour and systematics of populations of organisms. As a discipline it has roots in the theories of evolution of 18th and 19th centuries, but in its modern form it was established in the 1930s through the formation of the new-Darwinian synthesis, which was a union of darwinism and genetics, combining elements of genetics, ecology, systematics and paleontology.


  • Futuyama 1986
  • Mai, Young-Owl & Kersting 2005
  • Smocovitis 2016


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Mergoupi-Savaidou Eirini (AA)


  • 2458

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