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Disciplines > Conception and comprehension of phenomena > Science and technology studies

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2448Science and technology studies  


  • Science, technology and society
  • STS


  • The interdisciplinary field which is the result of the intersection of work by sociologists, historians, philosophers, anthropologists, and others who study science, technology and medical science exclusively or primarily as social activities, investigating their complex relationships with power, politics, economy and culture. Within the STS various research areas and approaches have been developed, with distinct or intersecting methods, such as social constructivism, laboratory studies, ethnomethodology, engineering studies, actor-network theory, gender and technology studies, experts and expertise, science and technology communication and many others.


  • Jasanoff, Markle, Petersen & Pinch 1995
  • Sismondo 2010


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Mergoupi-Savaidou Eirini (AA)


  • 2448

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