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Collectivities and groups > Collective authorities (ancient Greece) > Treasurers of Athena (Collective authorities)

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2044Treasurers of Athena (Collective authorities)  


  • Magistrates in ancient Athens. The treasurers of Athena were initially annually selected but later they served for four years from one Panathenaic festival to another. They were responsible for all things relevant to the festival, and also for the custody of the Parthenon, its religious and dedicatory objects. Moreover, they were the keepers of the list of citizens organized by tribe (katalogoi). During the 5th c. BCE they were also responsible for the safe-keeping of the state's budget surplus and the execution of payments related to the construction works on the Acropolis.


  • Thompson 1970
  • Σακελλαρίου 2004


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Iakovidou Athena (AA)


  • 2044

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