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  • Popular dramatic subgenre of comedy dominated by the rapid-fire pace with the depersonalised types operating outside of any social background or ideology, often violating logic and verisimilitude, and excluding emotional involvement or psychological deepening. Farce is of limited length, has a strict geometric structure, at its core a deception plan for the purpose of some material or erotic benefit. Its basic elements are the rudimentary plot, the twists, the unexpected events, the misunderstandings, the disguises, the change of roles, the extravagant exaggeration, the gross jokes, the naive lines, the puns and the language with sexual innuendoes. In terms of stage practice, the genre is characterised by the actor's intense physical expression with mimicry, grimaces, and gestures.


  • Corvin 2008
  • ΕΛ.ΓΟΥ, Λεξικό 2007
  • Μπακονικόλα 2001


  • Vernardaki Eleni (AA)


  • Goulis Helen (AA)


  • 1805

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