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1324Text linguistics  



  • Text linguistics is a branch of linguistics that deals with texts as communication systems. Its original aims lay in uncovering and describing text grammars. The application of text linguistics has, however, evolved from this approach to a point in which text is viewed in much broader terms that go beyond a mere extension of traditional grammar towards an entire text. Text linguistics takes into account the form of a text, but also its setting, i.e. the way in which it is situated in an interactional, communicative context. Both the author of a written or spoken text as well as its addressee are taken into consideration in their respective (social and/or institutional) roles in the specific communicative context. In general it is an application of discourse analysis at the much broader level of text, rather than just a sentence or word.


  • de Beaugrande & Dressler 1981
  • Αρχάκης 2005
  • Γεωργακοπούλου & Γούτσος 1999
  • Λέκκα 2005
  • Ματσαγγούρας 2001


  • Katsiadakis Helen (AA)


  • Karasimos Athanasios (AA)


  • 1324

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