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  • Denotes Collections or Resources in ARCHE that should be harvested by the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO, Criteria for inclusion: the object should be a language resource, i. e. conform to the criteria defined by the Class E33 'Linguistic Object' in CIDOC CRM. From the definition of E33: the set comprises identifiable expressions in natural language or languages. Instances can be expressed in many ways: e.g. as written texts, recorded speech or sign language. They are independent from the medium or method by which they are expressed. Expressions in formal languages, such as computer code or mathematical formulae, are not part of the set. ( Examples: a photograph of an inscription, a text document, a scan of a text document, a dictionary file, a corpus, an audio recording etc.


  • Martina Trognitz


  • clarin-vlo

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